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Miele SPEED PLUS (PG 8056) dishwasher
The fastest commercial dishwashers using the fresh water circulation system

If you have a business that has a high turnover of dishes, cutlery and glassware, the SPEED PLUS from Miele is the answer. Using our unique freshwater system, this dishwasher can deliver up to 40 cycles a day with our fastest ever wash time of just 5 minutes, allowing you to wash 456 plates per day.

With 13 wash programs, you can have full control of the cleaning process to deliver superb results. What’s more the SPEED PLUS integrates three spray arms, so no corner is left unwashed. As well as being able to handle mixed loads, this clever machine maintains a final rinse temperature of up to 70° C, so your items come out looking like new.

Key Product Features
  • Shortest cycle of only 5 minutes for rapid cleaning
  • Delivers up to 40 cycles of cleaning a day
  • Two rack levels for maximum capacity
  • Can process up to 456 plates per day
  • Handles mixed loads easily
  • 13 wash programmes integrated for complete control
  • Easy to use touch screen controls
  • Auto open and Auto close door functions for ease of use
  • Final rinse temperatures of up to 70° C
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H 835 x W 598 x D 580 mm

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