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Miele SPEED (PG 8055) Professional dishwasher
The fastest commercial dishwashers using the fresh water circulation system

Ideal for clubs, hotels or schools, the Miele SPEED dishwasher delivers a rapid and thorough clean in the quickest possible time. Using Miele’s unique fresh water wash cycle of only 9 minutes you can run up to 40 cycles a day. What’s more, this cutting-edge dishwasher can process up to 200 plates in the lower basket alone, providing ample space for all your dishes, cutlery and glassware.

Integrating 11 wash programs to give you full control, the versatile SPEED uses our unique fresh water system and employs three spray arms so every corner is covered. This dishwasher uses water softener as standard, so even mixed loads are safely cleaned to an extremely high standard.

Key Product Features
  • 9 minutes cycles allow you to clean substantial amounts quickly
  • Power through up to 40 cycles a day
  • Integrates three spray arms for optimal results
  • Fits up to 200 dishes in lower basket
  • Safely handles mixed loads
  • Easy to clean, inside and out
  • Easy to use touch screen controls
  • Water softener included as standard feature
  • 11 wash programmes built in for flexibility
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H 835 x W 598 x D 580 mm

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