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Miele PWM 907 Professional washing machine
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PWM 907
For the last 40 years, over a million Little Giants have helped hotels, care homes and a wide range of businesses to provide crucial services to their customers.

The new generation of Little Giants combines advanced technology with German engineering for even better cleaning and hygiene performance while maintaining economic operation and a small footprint.

A solution to match all requirements

Whether care home, hotel, restaurant or hairdressing salon – anyone having to rely on a supply of uncompromisingly clean and hygienic laundry requires a powerful systematic approach producing perfect results fast.

The new generation of Miele’s proven Little Giants excels in rising to the challenges of a variety of commercial applications by delivering first-class wash performance, top-notch efficiency and high-level user convenience.

And, thanks to their wide-ranging connectivity options, these machines meet tomorrow’s digital demands today.

Key Product Features
  • Drum volume: 64 litres, load capacity 7kg
  • Future-proof networking via WiFi
  • Patented honeycomb drum
  • 6 standard programmes and 18 special programmes available
  • WRAS category 5 approved
  • Dump valve or drain pump drainage
  • Ability to be stacked with a dryer
  • 24 hour delay start
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H 850 x W 596 x D 714 mm
7kg load capacity

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