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Miele PW 5105 Professional washing machine
10kg in just 700mm of space

PW 5105
The Miele PW5105 Octoplus is part of the Miele Slimline range of products. This is a genuine 10kg / 100 litre commercial washing machine that will fit in a 700mm wide space and will also operate on a single phase 30amp electrical supply. This makes the PW5105 an extremely versatile and practical solution for many laundries.

The PW5105 still adheres to the Miele 'forever better' philosophy and build quality and efficiency has not been reduced to accommodate theses changes. Taking its design from the Octoplus range this machine is suitable to a huge range of applications. The dump valve version is ideal for care homes, hospitals, veterinary surgeries and medical establishments with dedicated sluice and thermal disinfection programmes.

The PW5105 has sluice and thermal disinfection programmes that meet NHS HSG (95) 18 and CQC Standards for exceptional cleaning to the highest standard.

Key Product Features
  • Load capacity 10kg
  • Profitronic L Vario controls; 16 programmes and 52 additional specialist programmes
  • Honeycomb drum, 100 litre capacity
  • Spin speed 1100 rpm
  • Exceptional efficiency, lowest energy consumption figures per KG in this range
  • G factor 370, residual moisture 51%
  • Sluice & thermal disinfection programmes that meet NHS HSG (95) 18 and CQC Standards available on DUMP VALVE versions
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H 850 x W 595 x D 725 mm
10kg load capacity

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