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Miele PW 5064 Mop washer
The professional mop washing solution

PW 5064
Whether it’s a school, office or production plant, mop heads and cleaning cloths need to be cleaned thoroughly, often several times a day. In hygienically sensitive areas such as hospitals and care centres, it is also vital that these are thoroughly disinfected.

The unique honeycomb drum has a sculptured surface to create a thin film of water which cushions the textiles during the cycle, reducing fibre damage and increasing the lifespan of the mops or cloths.

With short and effective programmes, you can be assured of fast turnaround times and high throughput, with 6.5kgs washed in just 42 minutes.

Key Product Features
  • Optimum mop head protection thanks to patented honeycomb drum
  • Short programme cycles for fast and efficient cleaning
  • Special programmes for reprocessing mop heads and cleaning cloths
  • Improved cleaning thanks to intelligent pre-drainage cycle
  • Spin speed variable to achieve precise residual moisture levels
  • Safe disinfection of mop heads and cleaning cloths through monitored programme cycles
  • Uncomplicated reprocessing and impregnation of cleaning cloths in a single cycle
  • Optimum use of water and electricity
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H 850 x W 595 x D 725 mm
6.5kg load capacity

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