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Miele PW 413 MOPSTAR 130 washing machine
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The highly efficient Miele PW 413 MOPSTAR 130 has been specifically designed for contract cleaners.

Miele’s PW 413 MOPSTAR 130 mop head washer can accommodate the needs of cotton and mircofibre materials. The unique honey comb drum releases and discharges a considerable amount of soil before the actual cleaning process begins. Simplified connections to external liquid dispensing systems, reduces waste and allows up to 6 dispensers pumps to be controlled centrally.

Key Product Features
  • Profitronic D controls provide programmes catering for the entire spectrum of laundry care requirements
  • Simple door closure with OneFingerTouch
  • Miele's patented honeycomb drum allows for a thin film of water to form which protects the laundry and prevents fibre damage or pilling
  • Extremely smooth running, even at high spin speeds, due to efficient suspension system.
  • 14kg drum capacity
  • Drum design and optimised drum rhythms help to saturate the laundry quickly, so programme times are kept short and water consumption levels are kept low
  • WRAS approved
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H 1010 x W 1352 x D 799 mm
14kg load capacity

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