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Miele PT 8803 Professional tumble dryer
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PT 8803
The PT8803 is a vented dryer with a drum volume of 800 litres. This is the largest dryer in the Miele Commercial range and, when paired with the PW6321 32kg washing machine, is ideal for any facility with very high laundry throughput requirements.

The PT8803 has an air recycling system where up to 60% of the warmed air is re-used for the drying process, saving energy costs. It is equipped with Miele's patented honeycomb drum and residual moisture sensor system which adjusts the drying time automatically depending on the moisture levels of the garments.

Key Product Features
  • Load capacity 32-40kg
  • Residual moisture level and type of textile selectable
  • 12 programmes
  • Display showing selected drying time/tie remaining and residual moisture level
  • Air recycling - approximately 60% of the warmed air is re-used for the drying process
  • "Extra gentle" drying option with temperature reduction from high to medium - can even be changed during the cycle
  • Miele's patented residual moisture sensor system precisely monitors the desired drying level of the laundry and adjusts accordingly
  • Programme sequence indicators: Heat up, Cool down, Anti-crease
  • Miele's patented honeycomb drum ensures that laundry is gently cushioned, resulting in less creasing
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H 1640 x W 1206 x D 1368 mm
32-40kg load capacity

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