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Miele PT 7186 Professional tumble dryer
Exceptional results in the smallest of space

PT 7186
The Miele PT7186 is a fully commercial 8kg tumble dryer that vouches for perfect laundry finish and ideally complements the Miele PW 6080 washing machine. Aesthetically the Miele Octoplus range looks the part and is backed up by the design which is built around excellent efficiency and Miele build quality.

Miele tumble dryers have always been renowned for their efficiency. This new Octoplus PT7186 has raised the bar again and provides 16% lower energy consumption and 11% shorter cycles times compared to the old class leading Miele range that it has replaced.

Available in both Electric and Gas heating options, this powerful vented tumble dryer will process your laundry with great throughput and consistency. The PT7186 is ideally suited to any sector where high throughput is a pre-requisite.

Key Product Features
  • Patented honeycomb drum
  • Large-area filter
  • Coin mechanism connection
  • Sensitive drying system
  • Multi-language user interface (24 languages available);
  • 15 standard programmes with 4 drying stages, 2 timed drying programmes and 7 special programmes
  • Available in both electric and gas options
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H 1020 x W 700 x D 727 mm
8kg load capacity

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