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Miele PT 7136 Professional tumble dryer
Little in size, giant in performance

PT 7136
The PT7136 is a vented dryer with a load capacity of 6.5kg. Designed to be combined with a PW6055 or PW6065, this compact dryer can be stacked on top of its partner washing machine allowing the user to wash and dry a 6.5kg load of laundry in only 85 minutes. The dryer has a selection of 21 languages to choose from on the control panel and 3 user interfaces for flexible use.

The PT7136 is equipped with Miele's patented honeycomb drum and residual moisture sensor system which adjusts the drying time automatically. It is a highly versatile machine, ideal for use anywhere from a private residence or communal laundry to a care home, hospital or other healthcare environment.

Key Product Features
  • 15 standard programmes with 4 drying stages, 2 timed drying programmes, up to 5 activatable programme packages, 5 individualy programmable special programmes
  • Miele's patented honeycomb drum ensures that laundry is gently cushioned, resulting in less creasing
  • 24 hour delay start
  • Miele's patented residual moisture sensor system precisely monitors the desired drying level of the laundry and adjusts accordingly
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H 850 x W 595 x D 700 mm
6.5kg load capacity

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