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Miele PG 8165 Professional dishwasher
60 cm bistro dishwasher with integrated cleaning agent containers

PG 8165
With its impressive cleaning capacity of 3234 glasses or 882 plates per hour, the Miele PG 8164 ‘Bistro’ dishwasher is an ideal solution for any commercial environment requiring a high turnover.

Compared to the standard version, it has a reduced height allowing for a compact fit where space may be at a premium e.g. in smaller restaurants and bars. Perfect for behind-the-counter use, this versatile dishwasher can be left freestanding or built-in.

Convenient and simple liquid dispensing

Built-in liquid detergent dispenser for convenience and efficiency: precise dispensing ensures perfect cleaning results. Automatic liquid dispensing also makes handling easier.

Touch display

The touch display is easy to use and only shows you information that you need to know. The current programme status is shown in a colour display. Additional information can also be viewed in the display and changes made to the programme. Important information such as error messages are also clearly shown in the display.

Tailored to the items being cleaned

Delicate wine glasses or robust beer mugs, porcelain or plastic: the appropriate wash programme cleans thoroughly and gently by tailoring parameters such as temperature and wash pressure to the items being washed

Key Product Features
  • Reduced height Bistro dishwasher
  • Shortest cycle time – 55 seconds (glass programme) or 74 seconds (plate programme)
  • Capacity of 66 glass baskets or 49 plate baskets per hour
  • Throughput of 3234 glasses or 882 plates per hour
  • Selection of baskets and inserts available
  • Touch screen control with colour countdown indicator
  • Integrated dispenser pumps and siphons for external supply of detergent and rinse aid
  • Freestanding unit with lid, can be built under
  • Internal tanks for detergent and internal water softening options available
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