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Miele PG 8081i Professional dishwasher
Faster, more powerful, more convenient

PG 8081i
Fast, powerful, convenient – all attributes of the perfect dishwasher. And all properties combined in the new ProfiLine dishwashers from Miele Professional. Short cycle times, high cleaning performance and ease of use. In short, perfect no-fuss dishwashing.

Breakfast, lunch breaks, meetings, appointments with clients – in modern business life, there is no shortage of reasons for serving tea or coffee, leaving crockery to pile up in the kitchen.

Miele ProfiLine dishwashers spoil users with a high-end user interface: Convenient pushbuttons, a text display with prompts and an uncluttered, easy-to-read fascia panel. The range of programmes is as broad as the controls are simple: Special programmes for glassware and plastics, a cold rinse, energy efficiency, thoroughness and a very fast wash.

Key Product Features
  • Electronic control with 9 programmes
  • Freshwater system
  • Integrated unit
  • 13 place settings
  • Short cycle time of 18 mins
  • WRAS approved
  • Brilliant white fascia panel
  • 4 powerful LEDs immerse the dishwasher interior in brilliant light
  • Salt container conveniently located in the dishwasher door
  • Autopen door at the end of a cycle to dry and cool glassware and crockery faster
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H 805 x W 598 x D 570 mm

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