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Miele BRILLIANT (PG 8058) Professional dishwasher
The dishwasher for a sparkling finish without manual polishing

Like no other dishwashing system, Miele's fresh water circulation system ensures consistently high levels of cleaning performance by taking in fresh water between individual phases of a programme cycle. This replacement of water prevents any build-up of food debris and thereby meets the highest demands regarding perfect cleaning.

A powerful heater pump with a maximum throughput of 400 l/min ensures intense water circulation and the excellent distribution of rinse aid for a sparkling finish.

The BRILLIANT model version features specific programmes and process parameters to make it the specialist in producing sparkling glassware and spotless cutlery. In each glassware programme, the water hardness is adjusted to ensure the perfect care of glassware (Perfect GlassCare). And, by connecting to a water demineralisation system to supply water for the final rinse, an immaculate finish can be produced which dispenses with the need to manually polish glasses and cutlery. Plastic baskets, frequently used to transport and store glasses, can also be used in the new Miele dishwashers on two levels.

Key Product Features
  • 13 wash programmes for complete control
  • Shortest cycle time of only 5 minutes for quick cleaning
  • ‘Glassware Special’ operates the dishwasher at the optimum temperature for glassware
  • ‘Perfect GlassCare’ adapts the water depending on the items being cleaned
  • Auto open and Auto close door functions for ease of use
  • Easy to use touch screen controls
  • Easy to clean, inside and out
  • Three spray arms to achieve the best results
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